About Me

Eh’ up! Welcome to a blog run by a Yorkshire lass from the countryside. My name is Maddie Sutcliffe and I am a recent mother who gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl Izzy about 3 months ago. As a journalist, I am a keen writer and so my husband suggested that I should continue my writing on maternity leave so that I didn’t “lose my writing skills” and so I am embarking on this blogging journey for anyone who wants to hear!

My blog is going to be focused on the journey I have experienced myself from before pregnancy, during, and after. I used to be an avid traveller in my 20s and so I have chosen this to be a topic that I will mostly talk about as I have quite a lot of knowledge about the travel experience as well as an abundance of exciting places. I also found during this experience and my pregnancy the importance of mental wellness and self-love, I have learnt to try and let go of stresses and just enjoy the day as it is. Finally, since becoming a mother I know that I want my child to be as healthy as possible so I have been reading up on food and nutrition extensively (I may become one of those mums that are too clingy… but I do understand how they feel now!). So I hope that you take something away from my blog and it becomes a fun and enlightening experience for you to enjoy on a monthly basis.