5 Water Sports You Need to Try

Water sports are so much fun, and they are also great exercise to have on a solo trip, and with friends or family. Although which sports are you going to start with if you are getting into water sports and how can you start participating with them.

  1. Kayaking

You can do kayaking by yourself or with another person in a longboat with one or two oars. As a beginner, you would be more comfortable beginning with an inflatable or sit on top kayak due to their ease of use and family-friendly nature that means that anyone can have a go using a kayak. Once people get the hang of this sport they then progress onto some more robust and professional kayaks so that they can practice their skills better. When people first start kayaking, they struggle to get their boat to go straight forwards and constantly end up turning in circles constantly, so learning how to find their way is step number one to a successful kayaking adventure. Furthermore, getting some lessons will help you to competently kayak by yourself in your spare time.

  1. Surfing

This is a thrilling water sport that is reserved for windy oceans where the waves build up and people can get their boards to cruise over the curves of the water. It’s all about momentum and stance to maintain balance whilst skating over the waves. You should start by learning how to get up and down on the surfboard just out on the sand so that you can practice the stance and get the balance right on land because it’s going to be so much harder when you include the ocean. There are Kitesurfing Schools in Portugal, also known as Kitesurfschule Portugal where you could learn these basics at a minimal price. Then you need to learn where the best place to paddle out is and what waves are best to ride, to ensure that you are always safe. This means keeping an eye on where the lifeguard places the red flags so that you are not surfing in dangerous waters. Getting an instructor to also teach you some key surfing moves and how to be safe would be essential, because surfboards or bigger and heavier than you think, so if you use this improperly it could cause some physical harm. You can find many experienced surf instructors at your nearest beach, or if you wish to make a vacation of it, then look for good surf camps where you wish to go and learn. Check out Everyday California’s website – www.everydaycalifornia.com/products/half-day-surf-camps – for information on surf camps conducted by them, which you can book and go learn to ride the waves!

  1. Water Skiing

If you are looking for a more adventurous and adrenaline-filled water sports activity, then water skiing is your best bet. To water ski you need a boat with a line attached to it and either one big ski or two regular skis. The key is to have perfect balance and a leaning back stance, where the person is skimming the water and not forcing their skis underneath. Water skiing is a difficult water sport, and it takes a lot of time to master and perfect, many people start off with more time in the water than skimming over the top of it, so they need to spend a long time out on the water to even learn how to balance things out. It is great fun for the whole family, and you can have a hilarious day out watching people try to balance on the skis.

  1. Sailing

When people think of sailing, they think of going on a yacht or kicking back their feet, but that is not the type of sailing that I am talking about. Sailing is a water sport that requires a strong wind and lots of balance and flexibility. Sailing is a sport in the Olympics and is a very technical and difficult sport to get a handle on, and if you do not get it correctly then you could get injured. This is why it is necessary to get lessons from qualified instructors so that you are sailing correctly, and you do not endanger yourself or anyone else whilst you are out in the sea.

  1. Rowing

Again, this is a sport that is prolific in the Olympic games and has people compete from all over the world. Rowing can have 1, 2, 3, 4, ,5, or 9 people in one boat all providing their effort to be the quickest down the river. This is a sport that you could either do by yourself or with friends and family and aim to get quicker and develop more skill until you can start racing against other teams. There are also two types of rowing sculling and sweep rowing, where sculling is propelling oars on both sides of the boat to force the boat forward, and sweep rowing where there is only one oar held by each member to propel the boat towards the finish line. Therefore, you need to figure out which type of rowing is the right fit for you and will make you feel happiest when pursuing your water sport interests.

To conclude, there are many forms of water sports that you need to try for stamina, enjoyment, and competition. There are always qualified instructors that can help you to figure out the difficulties of some of the sports and get you out on the water and where you want to be.

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